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2013-2014 Board of Directors


Executive Board of Directors

Anne Frye

Alice Susemichel


Elizabeth Szentes

Administrative Officer:
Joe Hollowell

Membership 2013-2014

Thomas Barrett
Kevin Callon
Pat Collier
Jeff Curtis
Heidi Dowell
Anne Frye
Gan A. Gin
Darla Griffiths
Gary Halter
Lori Huddleston
Frank Kolisek
Mark McGuire
Tom Meier
Jill Mendoza
Rick Nover
Doug Petroff
Robert Saling
John Schalk
Patrick J. Schubach
Deinse Sedgwick
Rose Springman
Alice Susemichel
Elizabeth Szentes
Tim Tichenor

Joseph D. Hollowell, President
Rev. James R. Wilmoth, Dean

The Roncalli High School Board of Directors operates under the auspices of Bishop Christopher Coyne to assist in the governance of Roncalli High School.  The principal purpose for which the board is formed is to promote and advance the mission of Roncalli High School for the education and instruction of students, and to adopt in connection therewith a course of education in Catholic principles and an educational program for high schools as prescribed by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana.

The Board is a body participating in shared decision making for policies of all matters pertaining to the school,  but especially focusing on adoption of the budget and the strategic  plan of Roncalli.  In addition, the board assists with securing financial support and human resources for the advancement of the mission of the school.

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