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Tuition Information

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis and the Roncalli Board establish Roncalli’s tuition level. The Archdiocese and the Board have the charge of establishing high school tuition, parish investments in support of the high schools, and teacher salaries.

The tuition rates for the 2015 – 2016 school year are as listed below:

Tuition Rates 2015-2016
One student $8,690
Two students $14,550
Three or more students $17,070
Non-support $11,425 per student*

Registration fee is included in the tuition rates.  Book rental fee is $275 for one student, $450 for two students, and $575 for three or more students.  Membership in a Catholic parish is the decision of the pastor of each parish.

*A $1,000 discount is given to a family for each additional student in the Non-support tuition rate category


  • Annual – One-time payments are made in July and receive a discount
  • Quarterly – Quarterly payments are made in July, Oct., Jan. and April
  • Ten Month – Ten payments beginning in July and concluding in April


Thanks for your inquiry into the financial assistance program at Roncalli.  Enclosed is a financial assistance application from the Private School Aid Service.  The funds for financial assistance come from Roncalli and the Catholic community, not the Private School Aid Service.  The Private School Aid Service is a third party evaluation service which Roncalli uses to assist in determining the distribution of Roncalli’s financial assistance.

The Roncalli assistance program works hand in hand with the Indiana Choice Voucher program.  The Roncalli assistance application you will complete will also provide Roncalli the necessary information to apply on your behalf for the Indiana Choice Voucher program should you qualify.  Should you qualify for the Indiana Choice Voucher program, you are still encouraged to apply for Roncalli assistance as additional funding above and beyond the Indiana voucher is possible.

If it is your intent to apply for financial assistance for the 2016-17 school year, please complete the application form, and mail it to the Private School Aid Service.  Do not mail the form to Roncalli. Completion of the form will serve a dual purpose in which your family situation will be evaluated to identify if you are eligible for the Indiana voucher program, as well as submit your family situation for Roncalli’s financial assistance.  YOUR APPLICATION MUST BE POSTMARKED BY MARCH 1, 2016 to be considered for the first distribution of Roncalli assistance.  Checks are to be made payable to the PRIVATE SCHOOL AID SERVICE, not Roncalli, as this fee is charged by the company for processing the forms.  A COPY OF YOUR MOST RECENT Federal Income Tax Return must accompany your application.

In order to complete the application, an amount must be inserted for tuition for each student. For this application, please use the figures below:

1 student…………………………………..$8,690.00
2 students……………………………..…$14,550.00
3 or more students…….………………..$17,070.00
Non-support per student………………$11,425.00

If unusual circumstances exist that are not covered by the application form, identify those in Section L, “Explanations”.  Along with your description, include specific dates and figures indicating the financial impact these circumstances have had on your family.

Roncalli grants financial assistance based upon the availability of budgeted funds, and the level of need of the families requesting aid.  A family must be a supporting member of a Catholic parish, or your student must have attended Catholic schools for a minimum of 3 years to be eligible for Roncalli’s financial aid.  These criteria are NOT applicable to the Indiana voucher program and eligibility criteria for this program, along with general voucher program information, can be found on Roncalli’s website.  Any family eligible for the Indiana voucher program is required to apply for a voucher.  Completing the enclosed application will fulfill this requirement at the current time.  All Roncalli assistance is reduced by any Indiana voucher amount received by a family.

All families that apply for financial assistance will receive a letter notifying them of the results.  Notifications will be made in late April or May, 2016, as information becomes available.  If Roncalli assistance is received, families are required to participate in the Future Foundations program.  General information regarding this program is enclosed and more details regarding the program will be sent to those receiving Roncalli financial assistance.  If a family receives assistance from the Indiana voucher program, participation in the Future Foundations program is not mandatory as the Indiana voucher funds do not come from Roncalli.

If you have any questions, please contact the Roncalli Business office at 787-8277.

Two Ways To Apply for Financial Assistance for 2016-17 School Year

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