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Circle of Faith Annual Fund

Circle of Faith

The 2013-2014 Circle of Faith Annual Fund is vital to the mission of Roncalli High School both now and for the future. The six areas of need address some immediate needs of the school while also planning for enhancements for our current and future students. It is through the generous support of our alumni, parents and friends that make it possible to provide a Catholic education for our 1,133 students. Thank you for your past support and for assisting us in planning for the future of our Roncalli family.

Each area that will be funded through the 2013-2014 Circle of Faith Annual Fund is highlighted on the following pages:

  • Endowment
  • Sound systems for the gymnasium and stadium
  • Technology
  • Financial aid
  • Teacher training

Total $475,000

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Financial Aid

This school year we have experienced an increase in the number of students attending Roncalli High School, which increases our need for financial assistance to offset the cost of tuition for RHS families in need of aid. The Annual Fund this year will provide funds  toward the overall $900,000 that will be disbursed to families requiring financial assistance. Other fundraisers throughout the school year, Walkathon and Rebelation, will also contribute to tuition assistance.


As technology continues to change, it is our intention at Roncalli to keep this at the forefront for our teachers and students. We have implemented a formal Technology Strategic Plan, which addresses both immediate and long term technology needs for the school. This past summer, all teachers were provided with new classroom computers in addition to a personal device (iPad or laptop) to enhance the educational experience and learning in their classrooms. The funding of technology at Roncalli will address future needs for our students and the school as a whole.

Teacher Training

Teacher training and continuing education are vital to our academic programs. The Annual Fund will provide additional funds for educational conferences and to assist three faculty and staff members for a pilgrimage to walk in the footsteps of our namesake Pope John XXIII.  Upon their return, these teachers will incorporate this experience into classroom lessons.


Our STARS program – Students That Are Ready for Success – continues to grow each year. Students with identified learning disabilities participate in our STARS program so that they can receive the same Christ-centered education as their peers. Renovations are needed in the current space to allow for doubling the number of students in The Life Academy, the certificate program within STARS. The Annual Fund will provide the funds necessary for these renovations.


Future needs of Roncalli High School can be supported financially through the school’s endowment. Adding funds each school year will grow the endowment so that the interest gained can be used to provide tuition assistance. Also, Roncalli families are working at Lucas Oil Stadium and Victory Field in the concession stands as a part of our Future Foundations program. The money that Roncalli earns from these events will be invested in the school’s Financial Aid Endowment. This year’s Annual Fund will match that money from the Future Foundations to the Financial Aid Endowment.

Sound Systems

The current sound systems in our gymnasium and stadium are both outdated and not functioning properly or efficiently. Part of the money raised from the Annual Fund this year will be directed toward purchasing and installing new sound systems in both the gymnasium and stadium, including speakers, wiring, infrastructure and wireless internet.

Make A Gift To Roncalli High School

You can easily make a secure online gift by clicking here. Or mail your check into Roncalli High School, Attn: Advancement Office, 3300 Prague Road, Indianapolis, IN 46227. 

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