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Message from the Vice President for Institutional Advancement

In mid-November the Roncalli Performing Arts presented ‘The Sound of Music’ as our school musical for the 2013-2014 school year. As I listened to rehearsals and then saw the production, the song “My Favorite Things” stuck in my head. It really made me start to think about what my favorite things are here at RHS....

Of course, all the obvious things: our faith, our students, our faculty and staff, our administration, our parents, our alumni, our benefactors, our academics, our fine arts, our athletics, our extracurricular activities and clubs, our all school liturgies, our school spirit and the list goes on....

All of these things are on my ‘favorite list’ here as Roncalli showcases the best and excels at all of these things.

But, then, other less obvious things started coming to mind. I love our social media! We are excelling with spreading the good news about Roncalli on Facebook and Twitter. We can send pictures and information instantly about any of the things listed above and it gets forwarded and retweeted and ‘liked’ and ‘favorited’ by thousands of people and it spreads quickly for others to see!

Another of my favorite things is our yard signs! For two years we had a  ‘Choose Excellence, Choose Roncalli’ yard sign, and this year the message is ‘Prepare For Success’. We have over 1,500 of those yards signs in circulation and these will also be seen by thousands of people who drive by a home or business of someone in our Roncalli family who is proudly displaying their yard sign!

And yet, another of my favorite things is our ‘unpaid’ marketing team: our students and our families. There are many of us who work at Roncalli who are spreading the good word as a part of our jobs. There are many, many more of our customers who spread the good word because they are more than satisfied with their Roncalli experience. Just ask a student or parent... they will be sure to tell you the good news about everything going on at RHS!

Now, by definition, if someone has a ‘favorite’ thing, it is technically supposed to be just one thing or item. At Roncalli, there are so many things that I absolutely love so it would be impossible for me to choose one favorite! That’s why the song is called.... my favorite things, not favorite thing!

God Bless the Roncalli Family in every good way!

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