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Saint John XXIII Legacy Society

Gain membership by making a gift in one of the following ways:

  • By contributing $5,000 or more over a lifetime to a Roncalli High School Endowment Fund
  • By naming Roncalli High School as charitable beneficiary of a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, or a charitable lead trust
  • By naming Roncalli High School as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • By naming Roncalli High School in a will as a recipient of a portion of an estate
  • By naming Roncalli High School as a remainder beneficiary of a life estate or real estate trust.
  • By designating an IRA or other tax deferred retirement account to Roncalli High School.

Saint John XXIII Legacy Society

  • Anonymous
  • Charles and Joan ‘74 Adams
  • Archdiocese of Indianapolis
  • Anne Armbruster
  • Richard ‘48 and Ruth Beck
  • Mike and Karen Brewer
  • Terese R. Carson
  • Donald Clark ‘51
  • Martin R. Eckstein ‘65
  • Dan and Beth Elsener
  • Evelyn Strickler Estate
  • Family of Bernard F. Dever
  • Family of Frank Ronzi
  • Family of Stanley F. Kern
  • William and Louise Gervasio
  • Joseph D. and Diane Hollowell
  • Linus and Marguerite Horcher
  • Robert and Jo Hoy
  • Edward Huck
  • Joseph ‘73 and Donna Huck
  • John ‘66 and Mary Jaffe
  • Rita M. Jolley
  • Frank and Lisa Kolisek
  • William and Martha Kuntz
  • Chick ‘65 and Jan Lauck
  • Emily Lipps Estate
  • Stephen ‘86 and Karen Looney
  • Marty and Kathleen Lynch
  • A. Charles and Del Madden
  • Thomas and Terri Madden
  • Joe ‘73 and Connie Matis
  • Luke & Diana McKinney
  • Jerre and Cindy McManama
  • Stephen E. and Martha M. Moser
  • John and Jean Neely
  • Larry ‘68 and Kathy ‘68 Schembra
  • Donna Smith
  • Ben ‘81 and Mari Jo Stallings
  • Keith and Kathy Syberg
  • The Mennel Family Foundation
  • Robert and Mary Pat Tully
  • Mike and Janet Wadsworth
  • Suzanne K. Wells
  • Steve and Patty ‘71 Yeager


Today's Events

General (0)

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Athletics (3)

  • (V) Basketball (Boys) - Perry Meridian (AWAY)
    Time: 7:30 pm
  • (JV) Basketball (Boys) - Perry Meridian (AWAY)
    Time: 6:00 pm
  • (F) Basketball (Boys) - Perry Meridian (auxiliary gym) (AWAY)
    Time: 6:00 pm
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Service (5)

  • The Good House
    Time: 10:00 am
  • St. Vincent de Paul Pantry
    Time: 8:00 am
  • The Lord's Pantry at Anna's House
    Time: 8:00 am
  • Servant's Heart of Indianapolis
    Time: 9:00 am
  • St. Mark 4th Grade Boys Basketball Tournament
    Time: 9:30 am
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Co-curriculars (0)

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Fine Arts (0)

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