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Roncalli Directory of Head Coaches

Coach Email Sport
Kroll, Aaron

Wantz, Michael Basketball (Boys')
Benge, Stan Basketball (Girls')
McGreevy, Mike   Bowling (Boys' & Girls')
Kocher, Jen Cheerleading
Niewedde, Andy
Cross Country (Boys')
Litz, Frank Cross Country (Girls')
Scifres, Bruce Football
Banks, Lucas Golf (Boys')
Hendricks, Bryan Golf (Girls')
Gridley, Laurie Gymnastics
Schonegg, Joe Soccer (Boys')
Schilten, Maurice Soccer (Girls')
Lauck, David Softball
Merkling, Ed Swimming
Claeys, Mark Tennis (Boys')

Tennis (Girls')
Litz, Frank Track (Boys')
Antolin, Royce Track (Girls')
Mitch Allard
Volleyball (Boys')
Marsh, Missy Volleyball (Girls')
Ellis, Lance Wrestling

Today's Events

General (1)

  • Fall 2015 Cheerleading Try-Outs
    Time: 3:30 pm
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Athletics (1)

  • (V) Track and Field (Boys) - Regional at Connersville High School (AWAY)
    Time: All Day
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Service (2)

  • Holy Name Ministry of Mothers Sharing child care
    Time: 6:15 pm
  • Servant's Heart of Indianapolis
    Time: 6:30 pm
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Co-curriculars (0)

No events were found.

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Fine Arts (0)

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