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Welcome to the Roncalli Band Department!

Band Director - Kathy Peach

Kathy Peach

Kathy Peach is in her 37th year as a Band director and has spent the last 24 years as Director of Bands at Roncalli. A graduate of Columbus North High School and Butler University, Kathy has also taught in the Indianapolis Public Schools, Eastern Hancock Junior-Senior High School and at Scecina Memorial High School. In 1989, she received an appointment to start an instrumental music education program at Sam Sharpe Teachers College, just outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica. As a result of that year in Jamaica, the Roncalli Band now travels every other year to Montego Bay, performing in concerts and bringing school supplies, instruments, music, clothing and other donations to students at two elementary schools, seven high schools, and  the Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club.
In 1994, Kathy was honored as the person who most influenced Academic All-Star, Valedictorian, and Roncalli Band member Kevin Finn. In 1996, Kathy was the Roncalli Teacher of the Year and a semi-finalist for the State Teacher of the Year. In 1997, she earned the Prelude Awards Teacher of the Year Award.
Kathy’s goal as a teacher is “to motivate my students to achieve great things, to inspire them to be good citizens of the world, to create an environment where faith is present each and every day, to show my students that prayer is powerful, and to instill in each student a great love and appreciation for music that will last throughout their lives and that will carry on through their children.”

Laura Horcher

Laura Horcher is in her second year of teaching  at Roncalli High School. A born and raised southsider Laura is a St. Barnabas school graduate.  She is an active parishioner at St. Barnabas and participates in their music ministry.

Laura teaches 5-8th grade band at Central Catholic, St. Barnabas, St. Jude, St. Mark, and St. Roch.   In addition to her South Deanery responsibilities, Laura teaches a Music Appreciation class and a Beginning Women’s Choir class at Roncalli.  She also serves as an assistant to the Band and Choral programs.

A Roncalli alumnus (2010),  Laura was a 4 year  band member(French Horn)  and sang in both the Beginning Mixed Chorus and Show Choir. After graduating from RHS,  Laura studied music education at the University of Dayton where she graduated cum laude in 2014.

Laura believes in spreading music through creativity and compassion and tries to do that daily in all she does.



Marching Band

Marching Band

Row 1:    Nicky Marino, Cameron Papandria

Row 2:    Matt McKay, Lauren Lahey, Emily Okerson, Catie Wallace, Theresa Bridge, Laurell Baker, Ali Fox, Benjamin Golab, Isaac Howe

Row 3:    Noah Sanford, Ian Tuohy, Madeline Brown, Ben Moore, Ryan Hammans, Patrick Shilson, Will Haman, Mitchell Sims, Drew Gorball, Chloe Owen

Row 4:    James Bruhn, Mimi Bridge, Andrew York, Austin Lowery, Adam Schubach, Sam Hansen, Landon Lahey, Erik Allstatt, Blake Amonett, Justin Brown, Andrew Nover

Row 5:    Carolina Whitaker, Luke Dow, Katie Goebel, Jason Brown, Nathan Hedrick, Alexander Pollard, Caleb Hartford, Nate Reeves, Grace Albertson, Noah Servies, Maggie Glowinski, Spencer Grow, Mark Jones, Max Salazar

Concert Band

2011-2012 Concert Band

Row 1:    Matt McKay, Lauren Lahey, Emily Okerson, Catie Wallace, Theresa Bridge, Laurell Baker, Ali Fox,
Benjamin Golab

Row 2:    Cameron Papandria, Madeline Brown, Noah Sanford, Ian Tuohy, Ryan Hammans, Ben Moore,
Patrick Shilson, Will Haman, Mitchell Sims, Drew Gorball, Chloe Owen

Row 3:    James Bruhn, Mimi Bridge, Andrew York, Austin Lowery, Adam Schubach, Erik Allstatt, Sam Hansen, Landon Lahey, Justin Brown, Blake Amonett, Andrew Nover

Row 4:    Luke Dow, Nicky Marino, Carolina Whitaker, Katie Goebel, Jason Brown, Nathan Hedrick, Caleb Hartford, Nate Reeves, Grace Albertson, Noah Servies, Isaac Howe, Spencer Grow, Mark Jones, Alexander Pollard, Max Salazar, Maggie Glowinski

Jazz Band

2011-2012 Jazz Band

Row 1:    Laurell Baker, Catie Wallace, Theresa Bridge, Emily Okerson, Jeffrey Amodeo

Row 2:    Madeline Brown, Will Haman, Nick Sayre, Ryan Hammans, Noah Servies, Nicky Marino

Row 3:    Andrew Nover, Cameron Papandria, Matt McKay, Adam Schubach, Kathryn Witsaman

String Ensemble

2011-2012 Instrumental Ensemble

Row 1:    Dianna Perez, Maggie Glowinski, Erica Szczechowski, Liz Tames, Libby Worfel, Cecilia Gonzalez, Shannon Mitchel

AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory

Row 1:    Madeline Brown, Elizabeth Oelker, Michael Reeves, Andrew Shuck, Zachary Taylor

Row 2:    Sam Lakin, Adam Brown, Adam Pongracz

Not Pictured:    Matt McKay

Applied Music

2014 Applied Music

Row 1:    Kaitlyn Keigley, Katja Meyer, Dalton Minor

Row 2:    Savannah Oechsle, Kurt Cunningham, Jeffrey Amodeo, Yan Yan, Grant Duncan, Jackson Schoettle, Shelby Buckley

Row 3:    Trevor Jacob, Zach Lamping, Cameron Papandria, Eli Smith, Caleb Hartford, Jacob Luedeman, Connor Luedeman, Chad Ramsey

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation

Row 1:    Timmy Miller, Stephanie Logsdon, Alexander Tichenor, Jake Hobson, Mary Carson

Row 2:    Sam Gough, Lauren Ryker, Bailey Schnell, Theodore Jorgenson, Briana Fox, Mitchell Kraeszig, Austin Dias

Row 3:    Noah Ryan, Jake Franklin, Marcus Millott, Nick Nagy, Michael McAvene, Chip Gerth, Jacob Kinney, Colin McManama

Not Pictured:    Noah Henn

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