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Welcome to the Roncalli Band Department!

Band Director - Kathy Peach

Kathy Peach

Kathy Peach is in her 36th year as a Band director and has spent the last 23 years as Director of Bands at Roncalli. A graduate of Columbus North High School and Butler University, Kathy has also taught in the Indianapolis Public Schools, Eastern Hancock Junior-Senior High School and at Scecina Memorial High School. In 1989, she received an appointment to start an instrumental music education program at Sam Sharpe Teachers College, just outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica. As a result of that year in Jamaica, the Roncalli Band now travels every other year to Montego Bay, performing in concerts and bringing school supplies, instruments, music, clothing and other donations to students at two elementary schools, seven high schools, and to the Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club. 

In 1994, Kathy was honored as the person who most influenced Academic All-Star, Valedictorian, and Roncalli Band member Kevin Finn. In 1996, Kathy was the Roncalli Teacher of the Year and a semi-finalist for the State Teacher of the Year. In 1997, she earned the Prelude Awards Teacher of the Year Award. 

Kathy’s goal as a teacher is “to motivate my students to achieve great things, to inspire them to be good citizens of the world, to create an environment where faith is present each and every day, to show my students that prayer is powerful, and to instill in each student a great love and appreciation for music that will last throughout their lives.”

Concert Band

2011-2012 Concert Band

Row 1: Matt McKay, Lauren Lahey, Theresa Bridge, Catie Wallace, Emily Okerson, Ali Fox, Laurell Baker, Giovanni Below, Benjamin Golab, Kristin Foresman, Matthew Steadham

Row 2: Ben Moore, Ryan Hammans, Ian Tuohy, Madeline Brown, Cameron Papandria, Jared Falk, Noah Sanford, Will Haman, Erika Dow, Chloe Owen, Drew Gorball, Mitchell Sims

Row 3: Sarah Eastes, Katie Hartford, Adam Schubach, Austin Lowery, Cam Smock, Andrew York, Benjamin Hatcher, James Bruhn, Mimi Bridge, Andrew Corcoran, Michael Howe, Joshua Herkert, Andrew Nover, Justin Brown, Blake Amonett, Anna Falk

Row 4: Grace Albertson, Katie Goebel, Rachel McKay, Nicky Marino, Nate Reeves, Caleb Hartford, Noah Servies, Jake Long, Max Salazar, Nathan Hedrick, Alexander Pollard, Mark Jones, Joey Erickson, Spencer Grow, Sam Young, Maggie Glowinski, Annie Schrader

Not Pictured: Megan Thompson, Michaela Salazar

Pep Band

2011-2012 Pep Band

Row 1: Sarah Eastes, Cameron Papandria

Row 2: Matt McKay, Lauren Lahey, Theresa Bridge, Catie Wallace, Emily Okerson, Ali Fox, Laurell Baker, Michaela Salazar, Giovanni Below, Benjamin Golab, Kristin Foresman, Matthew Steadham

Row 3: Noah Sanford, Jared Falk, Madeline Brown, Ian Tuohy, Ryan Hammans, Ben Moore, Will Haman, Drew Gorball, Mitchell Sims, Erika Dow, Chloe Owen

Row 4: Austin Lowery, Benjamin Hatcher, Andrew York, Adam Schubach, Katie Hartford, Mimi Bridge, James Bruhn, Joshua Herkert, Blake Amonett, Anna Falk, Justin Brown, Andrew Nover

Row 5: Annie Schrader, Rachel McKay, Katie Goebel, Grace Albertson, Nicky Marino, Michael Howe, Cam Smock, Andrew Corcoran, Nate Reeves, Caleb Hartford, Noah Servies, Alexander Pollard, Mark Jones, Max Salazar,Joey Erickson, Spencer Grow, Nathan Hedrick, Sam Young, Maggie Glowinski, Jake Long

Not Pictured: Megan Thompson

Jazz Band

2011-2012 Jazz Band

Row 1: Will Haman, Sarah Eastes, Zalen Niccolini, Beth McKay, Emily Okerson

Row 2: Madeline Brown, Cameron Papandria, Joshua Herkert, Nicky Marino

Row 3: Ryan Hammans, Matthew Steadham, Matt McKay, Joey Erickson, Sam Young

Not Pictured: Adam Schubach, Joey LaRosa

AP Music Theory

2011-2012 AP Music Theory

(L-R): Cameron Papandria, Beth McKay, Nicky Marino, Matthew Steadham

Instrumetal Ensemble

2011-2012 Instrumental Ensemble

Row 1: Zach Smith, Erica Szczechowski, Maggie Glowinski, Kathya Perez, Erin O’Riley

Row 2: Emily Eisenbarth, Ella Merritt, Madeline Wilks, Liz Tames

Not Pictured: Jaylen Mann

Music Theory

2011-2012 Music Theory

Row 1: Htoo Thu, Lexy Sangalang

Row 2: Elizabeth Oelker, Jamela Snow, Sam Lakin, Rachel Witsaman, Spencer Grow, Zachary Taylor

Row 3: Adam Pongracz, Spencer Huston, Calvin Catt, Elizabeth Bowers, Adam Brown, Nicholas Barrett, Rachel McKay

Applied Music

2011-2012 Applied Music

Row 1: Liam Hosty, Matthew Ajamie, Kara Cougill, Charles Orman, Noah Scheer, Ryan Craig, Calvin Catt

Row 2: Daniel McCauley, David Holtkamp, Casey Gore, Jimmy King, Tyler Schoettle, Eric Townsend, Dominic St. Peters, Gregory English, Jake Reel

Not Pictured: Paul Milto

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