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Beginning Mixed Chorus

Beginning Mixed Chorus is a non-audition group consisting of all grades at Roncalli. It provides a base for first year singers to learn the fundamentals of choral singing. It also gives girls who want to sing but don't have a lot of time to commit to a select ensemble the opportunity to sing. They also compete in the ISSMA Large Group Choral Festival

Period 2

Row 1: Audrey Agresta, Maddie Scheil, Courtney Hollcraft, Morgan Sells, Madeline Zingraf, Jordan Raines, Kaycee DeLong

Row 2: Maddie Nolot, Savanna Sullivan, Lauren Fey, Shelby Ray, Lindsey Corsaro, Lauren Jones, Jordyn Mattingly, Natalie Bednarz, Jordan Jenkins

Row 3: Eamon Boyle, Nick Fischer, Grant Williams-Utley, Jacob Denney, Jacob Luedeman, Tommy Ulrich, Stephen Krajcir, Evan Elliott, Brett Pinna

Row 4: Nicola Wood, Billy Wincek, Aidan Parker, Ethan Barnett, JD McAllen, Carson Jones, Andrew Shelby

Not PIctured: Tyler Hicks, Logan Rohrman



Period 4

Mixed Chorus Period 4

Row 1: Anthony Stallings, Tam Yaung, Kassie Bales, Macy Oller, Katie Strange, Renee Villanueva, Darcie Storey, Abbey Currans, Elizabeth Layer,
Henry Sang

Row 2: Andrew Strange, Olivia Wright, Irish Wilson, Olivia Thacker, Sam Curtis, Nicole Clifford, Amy DiCicco, Grace Lawrie, Olivia Wright, Luke Keller

Row 3: Brian Hendricks, Noah Esselborn, Andrew Fey, Kegan Owen, Garret Freeman, Benjamin Schwab

Row 4: Sam Allen, Charlie Brehob, Adam Eads, Cade Morgan, Connor DeMoss, Eric Schwartz, Luke Grannan, Nicholas Barrett

Not Pictured: Grace McGuire, Dylan Williams



Period 8

Mixed Chorus Period 8

Row 1: Sydney Henn, Kara Brown, Rachael Barnhorst, Emily Painter, Kathleen Ditton, Shelby Buckley, Lauren Colvin, Payton Volpp

Row 2: Abby Gervasio, Grace Albertson, Cassie Petroff, Ellie Bischoff, Allison Heinrich, Lisann Sizemore, Alli Cougill, Megan Ruth

Row 3: Kenny Gillum, Anthony Wilson, Jake Allard-Taylor, Harris Koppenhofer, Gavin Snyder, Shane Sullivan, Patrick Todd

Row 4: Nick Cahill, Jack Hegwood, Jacob Fryar, Nate O’Mara, Jake Evans, Demarcus Smith, Tony Schott

Not Pictured: Isabella Brown, Max Stevenson, Harrison Kauffeld

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  • Graduation - 9:00 AM
    Time: All Day
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  • (V) Baseball - TBA 2nd Round Sectional at Pike (AWAY)
    Time: 1:00 pm
  • (V) Track and Field (Boys) - UNIFIED Sectional at Brebeuf (AWAY)
    Time: 1:00 pm
  • (V) Track and Field (Girls) - UNIFIED Sectional at Brebeuf (AWAY)
    Time: 1:00 pm
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  • TOPSOCCER - The Outreach Program for Soccer
    Time: 10:30 am
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