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Beginning Mixed Chorus

Beginning Mixed Chorus is a non-audition group consisting of all grades at Roncalli. It provides a base for first year singers to learn the fundamentals of choral singing. It also gives girls who want to sing but don't have a lot of time to commit to a select ensemble the opportunity to sing. They also compete in the ISSMA Large Group Choral Festival

Period 4

Mixed Chorus Period 4

Row 1:    Liz Layer, Maggie Reeves, Kelsey Callon, Emily Green, Clair Strange, Madelynn Mulinaro, Abbey Currans

Row 2:    Nicholas Boehle, Ally Crouch, Alli Grahn, Allison Heinrich, Becky Cahill, Paige Saylor, Anne Wagner, Mazzy Marcum, Max Stevenson

Row 3:    Jeremy Schmidt, Bryce Rohrman, Lukas Springman, Jake Emery, Jaylen Koehl, Ryan Maloney, Peter LaMonaca, Parker Williams

Row 4:    Kellen Schreiber, Dustin Hughett, Nathan Sonderman, AJ Neu, Matthew Looney, Jack Hegwood, Nicholas Barrett

Period 8

Mixed Chorus Period 8

Row 1:    Payton Volpp, Olivia Easterday, Kathryn Lemmel, Shannon McCarthy, Sarah Burkhart, Kathleen Ditton, Olivia Thacker, Katie Strange

Row 2:    Anthony Stallings, Amy DiCicco, Shelby Ray, Lizzie Britner, Madeline Schabel, Erin Bauer, Meggie Scifres, Madilyn Brewster, Mason Morancey

Row 3:    Luke Keller, Dave Schrader, Anthony Wilson, Brett Pinna, Chris McKay, Nick Sayre, Jake Allard-Taylor, Dakota Solonka

Row 4:    Myles Lyngh, Nick Schnell, Conley Jones, Jacob Fryar, Jake Cahill, Thomas Stevason, Alex Kuntz, Nicola Wood

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