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Please Note

After careful consideration, we have decided to go ahead with Friday's production of Cinderella as planned.  The start time has been changed to 6:00pm.  Since the campus will also be hosting the regional playoff football at 7:00 that evening, parking will be difficult.  It is recommended you allow extra time for travel and parking if you are planning to attend Friday's performance.

All Friday ticket requests will remain the same.  If the new time does not work for you, please contact me for tickets to another day, or a refund.

Thank you for your patience while we worked through this process!


Theatre Department

Roncalli’s Theatre program consists of Theatre Arts, Technical Theatre, and Theatre Productions classes. We produce six shows a year including the Fall Musical, Spring Play, Theatre Productions Children’s Theatre, Theatre Productions Experimental Theatre and two Junior Rebel Theatre Camps. With over 300 students participating in Theatre at Roncalli High School each year, the Theatre program has earned a reputation of excellence throughout the South side of Indianapolis.

Phillip Anderson, Theatre Director

Mr. Philip Anderson

Phillip Anderson, Theatre Director

Phillip Anderson is Roncalli’s Director of Theatre Education and believes that teaching young people how to express themselves through the arts is a very vital part of their overall education. Educational Theatre involves Science, Mathematics, Foreign Language, History, Physical Education, Business, Technology, Economics and more. Theatre is taught in schools so one will recognize beauty, be sensitive, and have more love, more compassion, and more gentleness.

2014-2015 marks Phillip’s 17th year of teaching Theatre at Roncalli High School. Born and raised in Indianapolis, he graduated from Franklin Central High School and continued his education at Anderson University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Education, and the University of Indianapolis, receiving a Masters of Education with an emphasis in Theatre. Phillip is a lifetime member of Alpha Psi Omega, the dramatic fraternity, and the International Thespian Society.


Drama Club Officers

Drama Club Officers

(Top-Bottom): Patrick Ralston, Andy Reel, Doug Johnston, Sarah Barron, Anna Madden

Drama Club/Thespian Society

Drama Club

Row 1:    Anna Madden, Sarah Barron, Patrick Ralston, Andy Reel, Douglas Johnston

Row 2:    Sarah Johnston, Bridget Bard, Anna Chrzanowski, Lauren Hartlieb, Taylor Townsend, Elizabeth Oswald, Elizabeth Oelker, Sophia Marino, Zachary Taylor, Spencer Grow, Ana Garnica

Row 3:    Mary DeMoss, Anna Falk, Shelby Watson, Margaret McCloskey, Cassie Petroff, Abby Locker, Hannah Roberts, Derek O’Connor, Haley Peeler, Anna Ferguson, Federica Sanchez Febres-Cordero, Mariesa LaRosa

Row 4:    Kameron Dreesen, Katie Hartford, Brittany Fahringer, Olivia Shaul, Joanie Dugan, Kat Madden, Samuel Ford, DJ Deak, Kate Myers, Sydney Wade, Lucy Furiak, Katie Wolfe, Maggie Glowinski, Montana Rippy

Row 5:    Kathryn Witsaman, Grace George, Alex Woods, Theodore Jorgenson, Zack Bales, Chris Golab, Matthew Long, Ryan Armstrong, Connor Cleary, Brendan Bard, Michael McClellan, Nick Shulse, Jonathon Coons, Brian Paul

Theatre Productions

Theatre Productions

Row 1: Alexis Pacuch, Peri Barnhill, Anna Madden, Elliott May

Row 2: Jordan Frederick, Peyton Egan, Rachel Pretti

Row 3: Jake Kuehr, Douglas Johnston, Daniel Burkhardt, Madison Clawson

Row 4: Luke Randol, Luke Elsener, Jack Madden

Technical Theatre Period 1

Period 1

Row 1:    Izzy Ragsdale, Maddie Nelis, Shayla Cabalan

Row 2:    Nathaniel Young, Devin Boehm, Will Murphy, Ethan Newett, Josh Ford, Meghann Beaver, Jay Caldera

Row 3:    Paul Jacobs, Brady Myers, Max McCarthy, Matthew Payne, Kevin Lemmel, Bryson Meek, Garrett Schura, Christian Walker

Technical Theatre Period 2

Period 2

Row 1:    Sam Moore, Faith Miller, Aimee Whelan

Row 2:    Abe Brueggemann, Lisann Sizemore, Jacob Jones, Ria Merritt, Caroline Morse, Patrick Condi, Katie Lauer

Row 3:    William English, Hank Daniel, Dominic Clouse, Jonathon Coons, Andrew Shelby, Nick Shulse, Brian Paul, Luke Stewart

Not Pictured:    Connor McHugh

Theatre Arts Period 7

Period 7

Row 1:    Stephanie Rice, Katie Spees, Alexis McKeand, Natalie Stigall

Row 2:    Katie Strange, Janet Roll, Henry Sang, Becca McCabe, Matthew Ajamie, Connor Mahern, Elise Schwager

Row 3:    Patrick Murphy, Katie Scott, Brigette Brown, Matt Pluntz, Peter LaMonaca, Alex Woods, Kat Madden, Alexis Freeman

Theatre Arts Period 8

Period 8

Row 1:    Maddie Nolot, Adrian Daves, Shelby Watson, Madeleine Russell, Amber Kunkel

Row 2:    Kaitlyn Keigley, Nicholas Armstrong, Noah Servies, Sophia Strain, Luke Jones, Christina Rike, Molly Hollcraft

Row 3:    Peter Kim, Patrick Sandler, Chris Teney, Jones Asher, Ryan Gerdt, Mark Bowles

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  • Sacred Sounds - 1 & 3:30
    Time: All Day
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  • Holy Name Oktoberfest
    Time: 8:00 am
  • Haunted House at The Angelus House
    Time: 7:00 pm
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